28 aug. 2012


1.What inspired you to write A witch in winter ?
I was listening to the radio one day, and there was a discussion about
romance. The commentator was saying that the challenge in modern-day
romance is finding convincing reasons to keep the protagonists apart,
because in this day and age, if you like someone, there's really not
many obstacles to just falling into their arms. I listened to this
thinking that for me, the main reason not to fall into someone's arms,
would be if I wasn't sure they liked me. And that was when the initial
seed for A Witch in Winter came into my head - the idea of a girl who
enchants a boy to love her. She gets the boy of her dreams, but the
price she pays is never being completely sure if he really loves her
or not.

> 2.When you discovered that you have the talent to write?
I always loved writing and I had several teachers who were
encouraging, and later on I showed my stories to a few friends and
they loved them, and kept badgering me to write more.

> 3.When you was a child, what did you want to do in the future ?
I actually wanted to be a writer! But my mum told me - very good
advice - that it's a tough profession and very difficult to make a
good living. She said it would probably be a good idea to have a day
job, and I asked if writing the blurb on the back of books was a job.
She said yes, if you worked for a publisher, that was part of the job.
And in fact I ended up working for a publisher in the PR department (I
still work there two days a week).

> 4.If you don't be a writter, what would you like to do ?
I love my "other" job, doing publicity for adult books. If I couldn't
do that, I think I'd like to do something very useful and practical -
like being a plumber or an electrician.

> 5.If you could travel in time where you stop?
I'd love to go back to my childhood and talk to my mum.

> 6.What is your favorite motto?
"This too shall pass." It's a good motto for both the good times and
the bad - helps you remember to savour the moment when it's good, and
it keeps you going when things are tough.

> 7.Your favourite book is ?
Too many to list!

> 8.What power would you want to have?
I wouldn't really want a supernatural ability. I think it would make
life very complicated. I'd love to be able to play the violin though.
Does that count?

 >9.If your house is on fire and you should leave as soon as you take with
My kids. And if I had a spare hand, my laptop.

> 10.Could you say a little message for the fans in Romania ?
I've always wanted to visit Romania so I hope one day I get the chance
to come and do a book-signing there! :)


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8 comentarii:

Niahara spunea...

Un interviu foarte interesant. Multumim pentru giveaway!

Ştefana Alexandra spunea...

Interesant cum consideră că super puterile ar face viaţa mai grea:-?
Şi mulţumim pentru giveaway!

cristina-elena spunea...

Multumim pentru giveaway si super interviul !

Raisa spunea...

Mulţumim pentru giveaway!

Anonim spunea...

Tare concursul. Cartea pare chiar interesanta.

Stephany spunea...

Foarte frumos interviul . La fel si cartea ce sper ca o voi castiga :D

LoStInDr3aMs spunea...

un interviu interesant!si o carte la fel de interesanta!multumim pentru giveaway...

Deathnote spunea...

Fain interviu ;)


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